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Vauld Restructuring Announcements and FAQs
Crypto Withdrawal FAQs - As of 11 Sep 2023
Crypto Withdrawal FAQs - As of 11 Sep 2023
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1. How do I withdraw my tokens from Vauld platform?

If you are a VRT creditor with successful bids, you can withdraw your successful bid token recoveries from the Vauld Platform (app / website), subject to KYC completion. Please follow the steps below:

  • Please login to the Vauld platform and visit the “Wallet” section. If you are using our app, please ensure that it's updated with the latest version.

  • The tokens that can be withdrawn subject to KYC completion can be seen in column “Withdrawable Token Balance”. Click on the respective token.

  • Enter the Receiver’s address and click on “Generate OTP

  • Enter the 4 digit OTP sent to your registered email Id and click on “Send” to submit your withdrawal request.

  • Once the request is submitted, it will be internally reviewed and is expected to be processed within 1-2 business days of submission.

Please find sample screenshots of Vauld platform for your reference:

2. I am not able to see token balance under the column “Withdrawable Token Balance”. Why?

Withdrawals associated with successful bids on the Initial RDA are only enabled from 13 September 2023.

Please contact if you have any queries.

3. I want to know the complete details of my RDA bid.

If you are a VRT creditor who participated in the initial RDA conducted (first or second round) and you wish to obtain details on your RDA bids, please enter your details in the form

Upon receiving your request, our team will share the details of your bids with you at the earliest possible time.

Important Note: This form is applicable only for VRT creditors who participated in the initial RDA (first and / or second round). Any entries made by other creditors (PRT or VRT creditors who didn't participate in the RDA), will not be responded to. In case of multiple submissions to this form, the repeat entries will not be responded to. VRT Creditors can only request information in respect of their own bids and the Company will not provide any information in respect of another creditor’s bid.

4. Is there any fee applicable for withdrawals?

While Vauld does not charge any withdrawal fees, creditors looking to withdraw tokens from the Vauld platform will be responsible for any applicable network or gas fees in line with the terms of the Scheme.

5. I am getting an error as “Unable to withdraw to Internal Vauld wallet address”. Why?

Withdrawals can be done only to addresses that are outside of Vauld.

6. Can I withdraw a partial amount?

Partial withdrawal is restricted at a token level. For the respective token, Creditors are allowed to withdraw full of their recoveries.

7. Why are the withdrawal requests not instantly processed?

To maintain security of the process and ensure that the correct balances are made available for each successful bid, withdrawal requests will be internally reviewed and are expected to be processed within 1-2 business days of submission.

Please contact if you have any queries.

8. What will happen to my withdrawable balance if I don’t withdraw?

If you don’t opt for withdrawal, the balance will be left in your Vauld account. As per clause 9.7 of the Scheme, Creditors who are entitled to but fail to effect withdrawal of their entitlements from the distributions under the Scheme prior to the Final Distribution would be taken to have waived their rights and interests to such entitlements.

The unclaimed / unwithdrawn distributions will be swept into the respective pools of assets to be distributed under the Final Distribution in respect of the Variable Recoveries Track or Pro-Rated Track to creditors who have opted in to the Final Distribution.

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