We have made the difficult decision to suspend all withdrawals, trading, and deposits on the Vauld platform with immediate effect. We believe that this will help to facilitate our exploration of the suitability of potential restructuring options, together with our financial and legal advisors. We seek the understanding of customers of the Vauld platform that we will not be in a position to process any new or further requests or instructions in this regard.

In regards to this, new loans cannot be created, however you can continue to access existing loans, add collateral to them in case of margin calls and close them by using your collateral or repaying the loan amount.

Please refer to this article for more details:

With Vauld you can take a low-interest loan against your existing crypto assets up to a Loan-To-Value (LTV) of 66.7%. The LTV is the ratio of the value of the loan to the value of the collateral. For example, a loan of $2000 will need collateral of approximately $3000 since $2000 is 66.67% of $3000.

Another way of thinking of this is the collateralization ratio, which is the ratio of the value of the collateral to the value of the loan. Vauld offers loans at a collateralization ratio of 150%. This means that the value of the collateral has to be 150% that of the value of the loan at the time of disbursal. For example, collateral worth $1500 dollars will facilitate a $1000 loan.

Loan-to-value or LTV represents the same concept as collateralization ratio, just in the inverse manner. In the first example, $3000 is 150% of $2000 thus that loan can be facilitated since it has a collateralization ratio of a 150%.

The minimum loan amount is $1000. We give loans at a collateralization ratio of above 150% and liquidate the collateral if the ratio reaches 110%.

Before we get into how to actually open and close a loan here are a few points of note regarding loans on Vauld:

  1. Loan requests are processed and credited instantly

  2. You can pay back the loan at any time and in any number of installments

  3. You can pay back the loan either in the token used as collateral or in the token of the principal of the loan

  4. There are no fees or charges when paying back, you only need to pay the interest accumulated during the loan duration.

How to get a loan? -- Temporarily paused

1) Click on [wallet] after logging in and [Loans] on your mobile app.

2a) Click on the desired token you want to take the loan in and click on [Loans] in the options on the website.

2b) Click on [Take Loan], select the desired token and enter the amount which you plan to borrow in "Required Amount" Field. In this case, I have selected USDT. In the "Collateral Amount" field, once you select the desired token to collateralize, the amount will be automatically filled in at 199% collateralization ratio which can be changed as per your wish by changing the amount in the "Collateral Amount" field. If you feel like your loan contains volatile tokens we recommend over collateralizing to ensure that the loan does not get liquidated.

Click on [Take loan] and your request will be approved instantly. You will also find the Interest rate below the collateralization ratio.

How to close a loan?

1) Click on [View Loans] in the loan options and select the loan from the list that you wish to close if you have multiple loans.

2) Once you see your loan details, Click on [Pay back loan].

3) You can either pay back in the token that you have borrowed in or you can pay back using the collateralized token. Once you select the repayment option, click on [Continue]. You can pay the full amount or partially as per your convenience if you payback in the same token as you borrowed in.

4) If you select [Close loan using collateral], you will be shown the amount that will be deducted and the amount that will be refunded to your wallet. Once you click on confirm the loan will be immediately closed and the extra amount from the collateral would be refunded to you.

Deposits are temporarily disabled. Hence, please follow this temporary process to add collateral. You would have received an email from Vauld with a temporary wallet address shown against your respective loans. Please make use of these addresses and add tokens against them if necessary.

Interest Rates for Loans [Effective since April 22, 2021]

Please click here to know our interest rates.

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