Assets can be at risk from two angles:

  1. An intentional or unintentional human error - this is why companies have strong governance systems in place. Our funds are managed through a multi signature system with the signatories being our co-founders. Additionally we welcome regulatory governance and are in the process of getting licensed in Europe, Singapore and the US within the next 6 months.

  2. A malicious 3rd party attack - Almost all of our funds are kept in a cold wallet which means it isn’t connected to the internet and thus is almost immune to external attacks. We are looking to have our security systems audited and regularly work with our partners and white listed ethical hackers to help us discover vulnerabilities in our systems.

We are a lending platform, so all of your funds have been moved from your wallet to a centralized lending pool, from which we give loans to borrowers. This is a standard practice across the crypto community. Our centralized lending pool is stored with BitGo - the market leader in cryptocurrency custody. The funds are managed by them through a multi signature system, thus, ensuring their security. But we know that while it’s important to work towards a secure infrastructure, it’s equally important to prepare for the worst. That’s why your funds (our lending pool) is also insured for $100 million dollars against potential threats. We’re also in the process of setting up our own dedicated insurance fund where we will channel a part of profits to protect our users against any risks. With these measures in place, we provide one of the most secure cryptocurrency platforms.

P.S - The insurance policy covers the digital assets in the event of: third-party hacks, copying, loss or theft of private keys, insider theft or dishonest acts by their employees or executives.

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